God Can See Past the Dirt

Pastor Steven said something recently that made me think long and hard about how I view myself and others.  He said that only God, “the Artist,” can see beyond the dirt.  Thank you Jesus! That just blew me away.  What this means is that all of the things I have done, gossip, slander, curse and many other things, have not gone unnoticed by God.  But, He still loves me and wants a relationship with me.  I can stop right here and give Him a mighty praise, because I know me.  

    He still sees what He created in me despite the fact that I have not done justice to His name as a Christian because I was a mess before He saved me.  In fact, I try not to think of how much of a mess I was.  But after I professed Him as my Lord and Savior, it took time for my “mess” to get cleaned up.  I had to really press through muddy waters, storms and lots of painful memories and experiences in order not to go back to my comfortable pig pen.  You know what I mean…cursing someone if they get in my way on the train, cut me off on the highway or even speaking negatively about someone who didn’t even deserve it.

    But God can see beyond the dirt.  The prodigal son in Luke 15:11-32realizes that his home was better than his current state of being, longing to eat pods with the pigs.  His father ran to him with open arms as he ran to His father.  God sees beyond your current condition and will welcome you with His arms open wide when you desire to come back home.  

    In John 5:1-14, Jesus encounters a man at the pool in Bethesda.  The man had been living in his condition for years.  Some of us have been a mess for a long time.  Jesus asked him if he wanted to be well and told him to pick up his mat and go.  Later in the text, Jesus told him to sin not.  God can see beyond the dirt. 

If you desire to get “clean” God will welcome you with open arms.  He will heal your brokenness.  You must continue to renew your mind and choose to “sin not.”  None of this is easy however, God said He would never leave you or forsake you and if you ask Him, He will not just see past the dirt but help you to clean it up.

Ashawn KnightComment